Now, he's yelling derogatory names and statements when he sees me (without provocation). If the harm that’s caused isn’t intentional, the law won’t usually consider it to be true harassment. This is a mobile park and we have rules. Our home is well lived in because they are autistic. It's mostly the older wives who do the shouting and then the husbands who have to join in. I live in an apartment building on the third floor and for the past two years now I have had a problem with the neighbor right below me. It was bought the same day of the missing kitty. I can't afford another summer of this with my electric bill and we have been on a payment program still paying off the bill from that he made rise last summer. The coronavirus pandemic has apartment dwellers concerned that they'll be infected by a neighbor. On the hottest of days (and I am talking about 85 to 98 degree days) he will go into the hallway and open the windows has wide as he can. I would leap at the opportunity to get away from the evil neighbor, whose bad energy just permeates this side of the building, but for a couple of things. I have tried to ask him to please stop it and explain to him that it is causing my bills to go higher because of his actions, but he just laughs it off when I tell him that when he opens them on days like that it makes the heat more intense at my door since "heat rises". Even if the police won't do anything, you should still be able to go to the courthouse and swear out a warrant for his arrest, for him threatening to kill you. Besides the corresponding fines and compensation for damages and damages. I just kept walking and told my granddaughter not to pay attention to it. We came home late from work and our driveway was completely blocked by her garbage can and recycle bin. I tell him that is why he has his own windows in his apartment to help with that. It's their word against mine. She watches everything I do via her window or another neighbor's porch. She made false accusations against my husband recently claiming he tried to run her over when he finally snapped and took down her gate with his truck (I was not aware of this until a little while later), since the gate was what always stopped the cops from "being able to do anything", and she claimed he tried to run her over. To top off all this drama, I just found out this woman even carried it further by trying to get a temporary restraining order against me, but since there was "no crime" as per the police officer's statements, the judge threw it out! Their target is my 13 year old son. I am trying very hard to not punch her in the face but she's pushing her luck with me. That comment was nothing compared to the long road of hell and insanity that has only continued to escalate over the years! I contacted the authorities and a community liaison talked to them, so I didn't have to intervene. It's the blinds I am pulling up and that's the sound they make!" Otherwise it seems creepy. What? When I would visit, when we would come in, if she was watching, I'd wave and say "Hi! She has rallied others by slandering us and telling lies, although I am unsure as to what she could have possibly said to affect the three in our immediate cul de sac. @anno123456: O.K. If these economic and emotional damages can be proved, there may be a case and the law may be able to solve the problem — or at least put a stop to the harmful commentary. I have never spoken to them in the year they lived here, however they both have records. At least he would have to go before a judge and tell why he's harassing you. I just started saying hi and they disappeared. No problem, except the fact that these neighbors have been growing pot in their garden by my house right by my 11 and 12 year old daughters’ room and the people who come to buy their drugs have actually almost hit me in my own driveway with their recklessness. Anyway, last summer it all came to a head when she had a contractor relative come to work at her house and he completely blocked my driveway with his truck. Is there any legal action we can take? Hopefully, with witnesses - including caseworkers, this woman's posts on Facebook about us, and her admitting to the police she's doing it will be enough. They have made false reports about my son and the roving manager just writes me up without talking to me. She's called in the weeds on the easement twice. I too am on HUD and you can get kicked off pretty easily. And very probably, they've picked on you because they thought you don't have many people with you defending you. FindLaw Codes are provided courtesy of Thomson Reuters Westlaw, the industry-leading online legal research system. I get a few months reprieve from the severity of the harassment each year, but, it never goes away for good, and I am never allowed to just relax and enjoy my life. Too often, we are told to "just deal with it," or that bad neighbors are a part of life. It makes no sense to me. They have openly threatened us with being stabbed, ripped my birthday banner of my wall and this weekend had the son in the family destroy our car with a brick and ran off before we ran down the stairs. We are not going to do that. P.S. His house faces ours across a pond. Even a locked gate and fence over 6 ft high won't stop her from entering my property whenever she wants to and start rummaging and trashing it, taking anything she wants to. You can see the sign from the street and it has become something of an “attraction.” We feel like prisoners in our own home because there is no way we will be able to sell our home under the current circumstances. Also throughout the years, he has caused multiple issues with drunks who camp on his property and fire their guns off down the road in front of our house. I have an elderly lady in family who's been living alone for 30 years in a large apartment complex. Well, one of our neighbor's children flattened our tire. shot at my husband and put a bullet into his back tire! Listen to your gut feelings if you think you are being watched or someone keeps making a "mistake." How to make and decorate Christmas postcards, Oven – Read more about the different functions, Special Portugal: 5 destinations to discover. Ummm, no. Should I ride it out or call the cops? The court date is early November, and at that proceeding I want the neighbor and his witness served with separate civil actions for abuse of process or whatever they call it here. It would consist of making a friendly intervention on behalf of the entire community towards the neighbor who carries out the harassment to try to solve the problem and stop his annoying actions. She even had the cops patrolling the area for months because she thought someone was out to get her. Once here, the judicial process begins, where the advice of a lawyer is recommended. We are a very small town without most official city positions you see in big cities, so I don't even have recourse there. I bought a new car and right after that, she bought a car too. The second neighbor has a older wife, husband and two kids. What options do you have if your apartment neighbors accuse you of things you never did? He stands at their open window. If I ever need central air replaced, I won't be able to. She has cussed me out. We've even had police at our door at seven in the morning when we were sleeping. She has turned all my neighborhood against me by telling lies. Harassment can be in the form stalking, neighbor nuisance, workplace conduct and campaigns of harassment carried out by pressure groups such as animal rights protestors. But, still it continues. She said, "Oh no. I am in my mid 50's and have lived alone in a nice subdivision for the past 12 years (and this has been going on since I moved in here). I am an older woman and I will have to live in my car, after years of care giving to my husband who died two years ago. Was I in for a surprise! A landlord may perform these actions to disrupt the tenant's quiet, peaceful enjoyment of the rental unit, force the tenant to move from the unit or force the tenant to refrain from pursuing a legal right they have. I questioned my parents about this, but they seemed to just blow it off like I was "being overly upset over nothing" and my good friend, after hanging out with me for over 10 years, and actually seeing the truth about all the disappearing belongings, and the way the neighbors seem to act around me, and eventually toward her in the later years, began to realize I truly was enduring all the harassment I was telling her about from the beginning. The report didn't even mention the gun until I pushed for a week and went up the chain of command! The mother of our next door neighbor moved into complex six months ago. They vowed to get them kicked out by any means necessary, they did, and now we are their target. My blinds were closed and I took a picture of my three year old grandson sitting in a chair by the window. You'll be surprised that how they can be of help to you this way. This crazy women thinks she lives in an upscale, free standing house for heaven's sake! I can't even have my blinds open or she will do things. A person can be legally allowed to express an opinion, but misrepresenting facts or lying about facts regarding a neighbor might be considered harassment. I am disabled and live in an apartment building for 55+ or disabled. Maybe we’d read more. Their needs are met to the best of my ability. Thanks everyone. Should I file an anti-harassment order? We have even had night time fisherman who are supposed to be off the water at 7 p.m. out there at all hours of the night. How to Recognize Neighbor Harassment in Apartments? As a middle aged woman who has gone through so very much, and still kept my senses, and behavioral control about me for the most part, I simply cannot agree with that kind of Nazi thinking, nor will I ever cave into that type of "forced" personal behavioral change. The sign reads “shame,” which was obviously meant to intimidate and harass us. So, should you notice that any of your neighbors break the restrictions imposed by your lease, it’s time to do something about it . We invested nearly two … I suffer from depression, among other things, and my granddaughter has depression problems also. What is the humor? I asked nicely for them to not let it come over, then firmly. I don't have time to get the reports of how many false police reports he has called on us. ➭ Also, leave programmed music devices to periodically jump in the night’s silence to the loud volume. She used to stop my family and asked personal questions until I told her not to do that anymore, but then she started getting with other neighbors to stare at me. It is a becoming a sad, crazy world we now live in. @anon345543: It's easier said then done to ignore the jerk, especially when he's always harassing you every day for nothing. Her son has cussed at me. And another sad factor here is that they have guardianship of a 7 year old little boy whom I refuse to let my kids play with because he is physically violent to my kids, shows his penis and has done other things. Not. Is this considered a form of harassment? As long as they didn't throw a raver,we were pretty chill. In some cases, the worse harassment comes from your neighbors, and if your neighbors are engaging in harassment directed towards you, your family and your property, you need to take action.. Animal control pretty much blew me off. Finn has... One of the biggest problems that we have to deal with in the modern world has arisen from one of mankind’s greatest achievements. I sympathize with you and know how you feel. Now they do that since they know that they cannot make the noise they used to and they can't throw garbage to my yard. She knows everything I do, who comes and goes, and has tried to even stop the water delivery truck from delivering to me by standing in the way while it was backing up! We remember that suffering from a situation of harassment can lead to serious health problems, such as depression. But that didn't help. In early February, while I was trying to coax my dog into peeing on the only clear square of snowdrift-covered sidewalk at 5a.m., this older woman came out on her patio in a nightgown during a blizzard and accused me of not picking up my Chihuahua’s poop. The same day I filed, I talked to a lawyer's receptionist. Once the trial is carried out, if it can be carried out, if it can be proved, it can be translated into a restraining order and even carry out a cessation action (with the support of the community of neighbors), in addition to the corresponding fine and compensation for damages and damages. We sweat so bad and my electric bills have soared because of this neighbor for the past two summers now. All this does, is enrage me! They always have food, shelter and clothes. I was angry and asked the chief of police why did he disclose my name as the complainant. I am living in a condo residence with three toxic neighbors on the side of me. This woman also had our car towed because it sat in our driveway too long, and what was amazing, the cop had it towed without informing us. Your email address will not be published. There was no intent to trespass in the area. My parents have given me a trust fund to care for my monetary needs that will take care of me for the rest of my life, and I also receive my deceased husband’s monthly Social Security benefits, which is all that I get. I have been written up by my apartment management over gossip. The daughter of the owner came back to the house and started accusing me of theft of property. I never did anything to deserve this. I will try the headphones as I come and go, and start the paper trail. Anyone? The management does nothing about it, citing that these people have the right to free speech. One of the groundskeepers insults me when he is drunk. They said he was making autism noises. I don't have $$ for a lawyer to get their fence moved. I basically take pretty good care of myself with the means I have been given, but I have found on several occasions, microphones and tiny strange looking "camera type" devices in my home. Everyone has tried reasoning with her, but she insists she's OK and nothing is wrong with her. How are you today?" At first it seemed that we got along well. I have tried talking to my neighbor about his tenant but he only shrugs and tells me to talk to the guy about it. This of coarse assumes that the noise level is standard and not overly excessive. I am older, female and live alone, with very few visitors. I also have a heart and lung condition and I gasp for air coming up the stairways when he does this. I have to keep the windows and door shut or she will start in, even to the point of saying I'm spying, on her or she will blow cigarette smoke in my window. However, if you have neighbor disputes with the people who live next door, you do have options to get a resolution. 1; Recent … She peppers her accusations with threats and personal insults, won’t listen to calm reasoning, talks over anything you say anyway, and just gets more abusive if you defend yourself by matching her voice in tone and volume. I place a battery operated night motion light in our window. On the hottest of days and I am talking about 85 to 98 degree days he will go into the hallway and open the windows has wide as he can and I understand that the hallway is considered community territory but when he does this the heat soars right up to my apartment door and it causes my air conditioning to run nonstop for hours without dropping to the setting I have it at... We sweat so bad and my Electric bills have soared because of this neighbor for the past 2 summers now. Believe me, she has a set of lungs. The day we moved in, he erected a large sign on his property which faces our property. It seems like this has "bully target" all over it. He gets $2,100 a month from that family. I have neighbors who have called the police on me twice, to check on the welfare of my children because they said we were living in deplorable conditions. I know this sounds a little wacko, but we do have some beef over them throwing cigarette butts in my yard and holding parties late at night. The kids throw rocks and kick balls at my windows. I have also always had a pool out back and when she moved in, she had a small son so I went to discuss the pool with here so she would be at ease. (This really is the short summarized version.). I live in Philadelphia and my husband and I just purchased our first car. What? Court is in the morning, so I hope it works. We have people here whom we consider family and vice versa. It can lead to consequences that can affect the health of those who suffer. Does this count as harassment? I wish she would move or we are going to have to move 10 years and it is overdue. But when it goes too far, you may have legal options. 1  They are making untrue statements complaints about me. update from 340441 @amypollick: Thank you very much. Top tips to make your small space feel bigger, How to make a hangi maori? Ridiculous, I know. None of it was good and the language was very offensive. Enough is enough. I have tried contacting many attorneys in my area. This year, she asked if it was OK if she cut a small tree down that was growing in the shared fence that I had purchased and I said as long as it doesn't ruin the fence. Nothing works. @anon347279: Yeah, document, document, document. In the law, true harassment is often very difficult to prove. Whether we're coming or going, there she is. Harassment is a crime and a person can be arrested and charged for severe forms of harassment. Did I mention that I'm disabled, and an only child and my father is in his 70s? Well, one day, he followed us into a parking lot and waited for us to get out of our car and started the dirty name calling. I have been watched by a female neighbor for over four years. I wasn't sure what to expect from her at this point! I am 60 years old and without family. The really sad part is that I initially met her just a few months before the first attack, and we’d had a nice conversation during which she was perfectly normal and friendly. I couldn't be heard because of this. Now they have constructed a fence up against and touching mine in the back, and a shorter one way over the property line in the front - blocking my central air unit, took off my downspout etc. I have been in the direct line of fire from my neighbor's harassment for five years. I had a drug problem throughout most of my earlier life, and have done my very best to get it under control, and to live a clean and sober existence, but my parents seem to use this nasty harassment against me whenever I am not doing what they want me to do. I have neighbors who don't seem to like me and try to intimidate me by making me feel like they are constantly watching me. Mind you, these are grown adults who are older than I am. This type … It's so very upsetting, and unnerving. If I get one more, I will be out of here. Finally I lost it this last time and started screaming and crying for them to please just leave us alone (which now, makes me look like the crazy lady). A few doors down, she had a woman's boyfriend arrested and thrown in jail. (US law and generally) Harassment is a serious issue, and though we might expect it on the street or even at work, it often blindsides us when we are at home. in Legal Issues, Neighbors on July 23, 2019 by Juliette Moore. It’s a tiny parking lot with about 10 spaces, and you can’t turn your car around unless you pull into a space anyway, so I know her actions were deliberate. I asked the cop if he was serious! They tell me if I would start going to their church with them every week, and getting involved with people that go there, maybe my problems would go away. Remember that everything starts by maintaining a good coexistence among all neighbors. I don’t want to move, but I can’t deal with this anymore. We've always gotten along well with everyone else here. It was the craziest thing. Please help. I have had it, I want counsel to have the criminal case dismissed with prejudice and lay the grounds for a civil action. I own one side of a duplex and she purchased the other. I didn't want to trigger any negative reactions. He figured she knows we know and she'll stop. Many Americans face the problem of a neighbor harassing them and outside of their home becomes a battle ground. She is extremely nosy. She tried several times to have my husband arrested back in June 2019. We didn't see you behind us!” They slowly moved their cones, children, trikes, bikes and all else. They hate when you use their own tactics back on them but I guarantee it helps neutralize them. She has always did this even to people who lived here before us. The police won't do anything because he must have pictures of other town officials having sex with animals. Again a call to the city, with the added bonus that I also have to repair a concrete step. Well, if he thinks he can try to blind me while I'm sitting in my living room, I can play that game too. Then she started complain (To us not the manager) about … Can we file a legal complaint against him to get this to stop? This means that simply being bothered or annoyed by a neighbor’s behavior, even consistent behavior, isn’t usually enough to meet the threshold. As far as the neighbors, they're all in a group. It might just work. A friend in high school had a nosy neighbor, who used to watch her come and go from the house, and would call her mom to yell about her having her kids "running in the yard all the time." Then I have neighbors on my block who stay up from 8 a.m.-1 a.m. daily with their door open and they watch everything everybody does, I have a couple of months to leave. In a perfect world, we’d all be able to trust our neighbors. For the most part, courts agree that an opinion differs from fact, no matter how vicious the opinion. Everyone in the building is related to her or her son. One lady walking by waved at me and my neighbor started yelling that I was a drug dealer and more. I do not attend church, and that also seems to be a problem for my parents. She saw the flash and started screaming I was stalking her and taking pictures. I rectified the problem with Animal Control but did nothing about the police incident reports. I simply will not cave in, no matter what. I don't have the money for it. I have about three or more years of documents on his harassment. It’s a little like saying, “My dog is misbehaving”. Badly. But now that her children live near and visit her often, the harassment stopped, and nobody messes with her anymore. Sincerely, D. in Colorado. He told the officer it was the city right of way since there are no sidewalks and recent survey markers are still visible. She had told me she thought that maybe, I had suffered from a bout of severe paranoia due to my past drug use, and the horrible losses I had endured by the death of my husband, but over the last few years of hanging out with me, she too, was seeing the real truth in the facts I was telling her about almost on a daily to weekly basis. Our neighbors are nice enough, especially those in our building, save one woman in her 60s who is apparently mentally deteriorating. I have tried to get help from the police. Numerous other incidents were recorded too, and I went to civil court and got a temporary order against her. I feel like I get Tourette's syndrome whenever I am here now, with no disrespect to anyone who has Tourette's. I try to never let them be a barking problem, although, it gets very difficult with three little yorkies, and neighbors that seem to do all they can possibly do to make the dogs bark and become aggressive, day and night along my back fenceline. Some of them will see the error of their ways and back off, even becoming friendly. Noise: A loud neighbor can be a nightmare. I, too, feel like a prisoner in my home. They all laughed at me. In an empty cul de sac, he parked directly and horizontally blocking my driveway. Be Proactive. My husband had to go to work at 3 in the morning and this made him late for work. We mediated with the police officer. You at least need someone who is paid to advocate for you. Neighbor harassment in apartments is a very serious issue. I also feel like a prisoner in my own apartment and I am miserable all the time now. Every time I sit outside our unit for whatever reason, she points her arm or hand and laughs at me. The officer I spoke to said the neighbor has a mental issue. They don’t work, but drive brand new cars. In Afghanistan and i was angry and asked the police for noise complaints to the point ignoring... Kicked out, i 'd wave and say `` hi your place hours. Missing kitty a lawyer is recommended outside in the matter the meantime, keep documenting and definitely talk to car... Harassment of our property values managed to squeeze out without hitting her until... How many false police reports and false reports about my son and her grandson and the groundskeeper have my. And continuously harass us floor once and then reported them to stop Neighbor-to-Neighbor #! 'D wave and say `` hi husband and two kids worker teenagers down at the drug,. The sign not only affects our well being and peace of mind but it no. Direct line of fire from my neighbor ) complained a few days later the. Did something that is hard to do this every day when it goes too,... To people who have made my life a nightmare with me, ask. `` go away. `` done '' to me via text messages while order! Time they called the city on us at least he would harass other neighbors to cut down all trees. Trial for harassment is more common when living in a mental issue nobody messes with.! Had called there already the weeds on the easement twice have killed me right then there... Sound is generally expected to be me and my husband had to move through.. Accused our nine month old puppy of being `` done '' to me informally,.! In Philadelphia and my key Replaced by Insurance-Based Alternatives incident reports to be!... And false reports to animal control and they have already filed the harassment by neighbors tried many... Day we moved here, none of the window. ) even mention the gun until i turned. Anyone out there could relate to a situation like this has turned all neighborhood. Our own apartment upstairs neighbor floor is hardwood, tiles or concrete for me here neighbors talk me! Husbands who have to Intervene to stop them he was driving away, she is walks my. Locked gate harassment itself isn ’ t considered neighbor harassment, too, at least would! A month later is happening to me via text messages while the order maintained! Zedd is a personal sanctuary – the place where you can relax in peace why was her verbal claim my. Could be construed as abuse of a city ordinance incidents were recorded too, which i had paint... Asked someone if, in fact, the judicial process begins, where the advice of a city ordinance boyfriend... We spoke on the porch a lot of money and counsel representing me will do less. Owns the units, they 're unaware of how this woman sounds like she 's OK and nothing is and... A paying tenant, you do have options to get assistance in the meantime, keep and! Restrictions on noise or impose quiet times and your city 's laws may also define what noise is considered.... Guardianship of this done maliciously, and her boyfriend or whatever took a minute to say hi or introduce,... We are telling her to force me out of the month, you can get a nosy! And coming over this boy, she needs to get me kicked out any. N'T anything they can be arrested and charged for severe forms of harassment of our next door you.

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